Only Crack Sauce Story

As a fashion, celebrity photographer and TV host for Street to Kitchen Asia, Yu Tsai has had the opportunity to travel around the world on countless assignments. Inspired by the places he has visited and amazing food experienced around the globe, Only Crack Sauce was born.

Over the years Yu Tsai has been bringing his handcrafted sauce on photoshoots to share with his crew and his celebrity clients. Everyone always asks "Why isn’t this hot sauce available for everyone else?"

Now it is…

With encouragement from his food, fashion, and celebrity friends, Only Crack Sauce is now commercially produced in small batches and available online at for everyone who loves hot sauce. It's a must have for all hot sauce connoisseurs.

Only Crack Sauce is available in red jalapeño, for our spicy food lovers and in habanero for everyone who loves an extra kick in the ass. Only Crack sauce is small batch, crafted with love and kindness locally, in Southern California.

Only Crack Sauce is sweet and savory, tangy and packed with umami and heat. Sweetened with organic agave nectar, spiced with a non-GMO chili blend and crafted with gluten free tamari soy sauce, Only Crack Sauce is both vegan and gluten free. Made from the highest quality ingredients, Only Crack Sauce is a hot chili sauce packed with rich flavors and no artificial flavoring or artificial preservatives.

Only Crack Sauce is extremely versatile. Use as a dipping sauce, it's perfect for cooking and BBQ, and on pizza instead of tomato sauce. Use as marinade before grilling up party wings. Sure to be a party pleaser.

Perfect on eggs, seasoned fries, pork and steak, fried chicken, grilled vegetables, tacos, burritos, burgers, seafood and even on popcorn. Want to be more adventurous? Mix it with ranch dressing or mayo to spice up your dips.

Check out our website for different ideas on how Only Crack Sauce can spice up your next meal.

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